There are multiple reasons why an address may not come up in our database. 

  • Sometimes the way the street address is provided to you may be misspelled or the street has abbreviations.  Do not copy/paste an address in our app. Always start typing the address in our search widgetthe "type ahead" will provide options and make sure you choose from the drop-down the address you are searching for.

    Our database runs on approved USPS (United States Postal Services) addresses. Google maps has its own address algorithm and not necessarily means its a match with USPS.

    Confirm the delivery point validation (DPV) confirmation indicator at

    If it says “N”, autofill will not work because autofill only works with deliverable USPS mailing addresses. 
    If it says “Y”, autofill is an indicator that this is a deliverable USPS mailing addresses. 

    If you show no results in our app, it tells you, the mail gets delivered, but the municipality may have recorded in a different way.  
  • A common error we find: People use different abbreviations to write an address. The same address may be abbreviated in different ways while being recorded in official documents differently. You may need to try some variations of your search to find the way it was officially recorded. If you know the parcel number, try searching by parcel number in our APN search widget.

    ie. Same address/Different abbreviations:
        240 Hwy 22E 
        240 LA-22E
        240 State Hwy 22E

  • Another common error is that a street may change names: ie: Main St, becomes Centre St. and some people may choose to record their property under Main St, when officially the street in a parcel map is know as "Centre St" so, try both options you may find what you need. You could also use the Maps & Photos tab and find out if the address is showing up with a different name or if its an intersection where  one street "changes" names.

  • In commercial buildings properties are sub-divided but not necessarily approved by zoning, or recorded. Use the Maps & Photos tab and zoom in and "walk around the building." You may find other streets are attached to the address you are searching.

As a last resort , you may have to go to the county records site online and confirm the address is an existing address. Then try the search under the address provided by the county.